If you're in desparate need of peace and relaxation, our humble village house is the perfect place for you! If you're having trouble with sleep and are stressed to the limits, we'd be glad to share our piece of heaven with you. We are located in a small village called Zmijavci, an oasis hidden from all traffic noise, screaming city lights and overcrowded places. The health benefits of spending time outdoors in fresh, unpolluted air are just astonishing. If you have breathing problems such as asthma, fresh air and walks in the woods surrounding the cabin will make you feel the difference. Also, being away from city lights and light pollution means you could experience one of the most breathtaking night skies you'll ever see. All of these also make really good photos, you could catch a beautiful moment any time of the day - from dawn to dusk. If you're interested in sportier activities, you could always take a bicycle ride since we have a bicycle available at our cabin, or you could enjoy a day at the pool. Also, since our service is available 24/7, just ask us to organise a trip to any place you would like to see - we will do our best to provide you a great experience. We have plenty of medicinal herbs at your disposal - you could even learn and develop a new skill - harvesting them, examining and learning about their healing qualities. We have a small village shop where you can get everyday groceries, but just 2 km down the road we have a big shop in case you need anything else. And all of this in beautiful and comfortable accomodation! What more could you wish for? We're hoping we get a chance to share our piece of paradise with you.
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